Hardscapes: Brick pavers, concrete, drainage


We provide Hardscape solutions for Property Managers and Homeowners in several areas. We install and repair pavers for pool decks, walkways, patios, as well as pool coping. Concrete sidewalk repairs, grinding or installation prevent hazardous accidents and avoids unnecessary liability issues. Our drainage solutions help move rain water quickly preventing water pooling so commonly found after our heavy rainfall in South Florida.


We install and repair concrete brick, clay or travertine pavers as well as pool coping. Pavers are a beautiful and elegant way to enhance your driveway, pool deck, walkway and patios. Pavers can be repaired and maintained and come in a broad range of sizes and colors allowing you to transform your outdoors into additional living space. We can also help you resolve damage from sinking or lifting pavers once it has gone too far. Sunken pavers will need to have area refilled and reinstalled and lifted pavers will most likely need trees roots pruned.


We do flatwork installation to build your new cement pad or replace your cracked sidewalks. Wherever possible we grind sidewalks preventing trip hazards and saving our customers time and money.


We install and maintain drainage solutions in your front or backyard if you are having trouble with excess rain water pooling and not draining. Valley gutter drains or French drains are real solution that can save.

Organic Fertilizers

Why use Organic Fertilizers

Studies show that one pound of phosphorus can produce 500 to 700 pounds of algae, which reduces oxygen in water, causing fish and shellfish to die.

The dead zone is caused by nutrient enrichment from the Mississippi River, particularly nitrogen and phosphorous. Watersheds within the Mississippi River Basin drain from Montana to Pennsylvania and extending southward along the Mississippi River. Most of the nitrogen input comes from major farming states in the Mississippi River Valley, including Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Nitrogen and phosphorous enter the river through upstream runoff of fertilizers, soil erosion, animal wastes, and sewage.

Our commitment to help restore our environment is by providing products that derive from processes that recycle waste and converts them into Fertilizers and Soil Amendments.

A step we can all take together to contribute in replenishing earth’s natural health, beauty and balance.